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The two main types of entertainment rigging, theatrical and arena rigging, both benefit from marine grade hardware. Both use similar bits of hardware, but they differ in the conditions under which the equipment must operate.

Dynamic, Static, and Environmental Stresses

Theatrical rigging often involves a permanent fly system and equipment in continuous use under controlled (indoor) environmental conditions. In traditional lighting fixtures, all rope and rigging hardware must be prepared to survive exposure to extreme heat. Heavy electronics and drapery could also require support for years at a time of continuous, relatively static use.

Arena rigging equipment is often used in multifunctional venues, meaning it’s put through constant assembly, disassembly, and storage. Arenas fully transform in purpose and shape regularly for sporting events, concerts, and performances. Therefore, arena rigging equipment must have the durability to survive a gruelling travel schedule of rapid sets under unique circumstances. Exposure to outdoor weather in open air arenas, including UV rays, wind, or sometimes snow, can further complicates matters.

Marine grade hardware is designed and tested to perform in the harshest conditions on the ocean and have proven to be some of the most capable products to withstand the demands of entertainment rigging.

Load-Rated for Safety

High maximum working loads are critical, where highly tensioned rigging is critical to safety at sea and is also subject to enormous shock loads resulting from wind and waves. At Ronstan, our entertainment rigging equipment is load rated, which when combined with industry appropriate load safety factors, should provide you with peace of mind.

Built for the Unexpected

The ocean is an unpredictable environment. So is the stage. Marine grade equipment is designed to endure unexpected side-loads, shocks, and abrasions from contact during setup, strike, and travel. For example, Ronstan Core Blocks™ have rugged aluminum cheeks protecting the sheave, with a two-stage bearing system where the ball bearings shift outward to act as thrust bearings under heavy loads. The main load is then transferred onto a polished stainless steel race to protect the ball bearings from deformation and minimize friction across the entire working load.

Entertainment and marine rigging both must be able to withstand continuous use under high loads and harsh environments. Having load-rated equipment available in various configurations is crucial to ensure the proper parts have been specified for any application, capable of withstanding the required loads even in the event of an unexpected occurrence. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Ronstan can help specify the perfect hardware and rigging solutions for your next entertainment rigging projects.