Trademark Acknowledgements

  • Clamcleat® (is a registered trademark of Clamcleats Limited)
  • Constrictor® (is a trademark of Cousin Trestec)
  • Dyneema® (is a registered trademark of DSM IP Assets B.V.)
  • Nylatron® (is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Inc.)
  • Technora® (is a registered trademark of Teijin Techno Products Limited Corporation)
  • Tef-Gel (is a trademark of Ultra Safety Systems, Inc.)
  • Torlon® (is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers)
  • Windex® (is a registered trademark of WINDEX Development AB)
  • Wireteknik® (is a registered trademark of Wireteknik Leif Anderson AB)
  • Super B (is a trademark of Super B International B.V.)
  • MasterVolt® (is a registered trademark of MasterVolt International B.V.)
  • Victron® (is a registered trademark of Victron Energy B.V.)
  • Isoflex® (is a registered trademark of Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co. KG)
  • Teroson® and Terostat® (are registered trademarks of Henkel AG & Co. KgaA.)

Registered Ronstan Trademarks

  • Ronstan® is a registered trademark of Ronstan International Pty Ltd
  • Andersen Stainless Steel Winches® is a registered trademark of Ronstan Denmark ApS

Ronstan Trademarks

  • Andersen Winches (winches)
  • Ballslide (batten cars)
  • Battlestick (tiller extensions)
  • BoatSmart (boat care products)
  • Captive Lock (utility blocks)
  • C-Cleat (cam cleats)
  • ClearStart (sailing timer and watches)
  • Compact Motor (electric winches)
  • Core Block (blocks)
  • Orbit Block (blocks)
  • Power Rib (winches)
  • Quick-Lock (winch handles)
  • RopeGlide (Shocks, rings, fairleads)
  • Sailfast (silicon spray)
  • Shock (sheaveless block)
  • Skiffsuit (wetsuit)
  • Smart Features (various products, barcode labels)
  • T-Cleat (cam cleats)
  • Ultimate Ratchet Block (ratchet blocks)
  • V-Cleat (rope cleats)
  • Windshift (sunglasses)

Ronstan International Inc.

Ronstan International Inc.
1170 East Main Rd #3
RI 02871

Tel: 1 401 293 0539
Fax: 1 401 293 0538

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Ronstan International Inc
1170 East Main Rd #3
Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871
+1 (401) 293 0539 $$$
Ronstan International Inc
1170 East Main Rd #3
Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871
+1 (401) 293 0539