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Stainless Steel Turnbuckles
- What are they?

A turnbuckle is an adjustable end termination for the ends of cables, wires, rods, or sometimes even rope. Typically consisting of a threaded body and stud, they are particularly useful for achieving the proper amount of tension on permanent or semi-permanent structures and load bearing rigging.

Most turnbuckles are relatively long and narrow – a longer turnbuckle would inherently provide a longer range of adjustment for tensioning or lengthening. Many turnbuckle bodies have opposite threads (RH/LH) on either end so that when the turnbuckle is turned one way both ends will tighten, and tension will increase. When turned the opposite way, both ends will loosen, and the tension will decrease. Other turnbuckles only have one threaded end for adjustments and the other end will have some form of connection like a fork or toggle.

Turnbuckles are used in countless engineering, rigging, or construction projects that require either structural or aesthetic cables or rods. One of the advantages of a turnbuckle is that adjustments in tension can be done in tiny increments to achieve the precise tension required, often calculated by an engineer.

The common uses of stainless steel turnbuckles are:

  • Aircraft construction to adjust the tension on the wires bracing the wings.
  • Telephone poles to connect the wires.
  • The shipping industry to tension a ship’s rigging and lashings.
  • Theatres to adjust the stage rigging.
  • Piping systems, where the lay of the land may be irregular but can be compensated for by the flexibility of turnbuckles.
  • Boxing and wrestling rings to secure the ropes that form the ring.

Considering the breadth of applications and industries that have adopted the use of turnbuckles, it can be considered one of the most essential products manufactured today. Ronstan’s range of turnbuckles are made of high quality 316 stainless steel, offer a variety of connection styles, and in particular sizes are available with calibrated bodies for easy measurement.