Stainless Steel Rigging & Hardware

Ronstan manufacture a wide range of stainless steel hardware and rigging fittings. 316 stainless steel hardware is used to manufacture our

  1. Our shackles are used as a connecting link in all manner of rigging systems from boat to crane rigging.Stainless steel shackles & snap shackles
  2. Thimbles, ferrules, & wire rope grips
  3. S-Hooks & Carbine Hooks
  4. Eye Bolts
  5. Clevis Pins & Rings
  6. Swivels & Ball Bearing Swivels
  7. Saddles, Eye Straps, & Pad Eyes


Shackles are generally regarded as U-shaped pieces of steel with a securing pin (Clevis Pin). They are manufactured from a range of materials however Rontan Specialise on 316 grade stainless steel shackles for corrosion resistance and are load rated.

Our shackles are generally used as a connecting link in all manner of rigging systems, from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging. They are used with stainless wire cables & rope, in railings or with stainless rod. They are often found connecting chain or rope and or tied into lashing & webbing as they allow different rigging subsets to be connected/disconnected
316 grade stainless steel D-shackles for corrosion resistance and are load rated.
There are number of different shackle types available in the Ronstan range:

  1. D-shackles
  2. Long D- shackles
  3. Twisted shackles
  4. Bow shackles

There are a range of clevis pins available (used to form the fastening element of the shackle)

  1. Twist lock clevis pins
  2. Coined clevis pins
  3. slot head clevis pins

Ronstan snap shackles are made of 316 grade stainless steel and are load rated.Snap Shackles

Snap Shackles are fast action fasteners. Ideal for single handed implementation, they use a spring activated locking mechanism to close a hinged shackle. One of the benefits is that they can be unfastened under load.

Perfect for temporary situations or quick release environments, e.g harness tethers. In these environments Snap shackles are normally attached to a spliced line/webbing and/or are fastened to a variety of tethers.

Ronstan snap shackles are made of 316 grade stainless steel and are load rated.  Available in multiple sizes and with fixed or swivelling bails.


Our S-Hooks are made of Grade 316 Stainless Steel and are Load rated. They feature a closed eye with a long return leg the objective is to ensure a positive attachment without the possibility of an accidental release.

S-hooks are used in industrial rigging  as well as in playgrounds, and marine environments there are numerous additional applications when used with attachments for chain, rope, webbing, and wire ropes and cabling.

A Sister clip is often used with flags and halyards.


A Sister clip is a twist clip used for joining ropes or cord quickly, they are often used with flags and halyards. The clip looks like a link of chain and has one side with a chamfered split, this split  is then matched to the other link or ring and they are “twisted” until they are connected together, they are also called a Inglefield clip and/or a Brummel hook.

Other uses are on paragliders or for attaching ropes in marine settings.

Ronstan sister clips are stainless steel with a closed eye for attachment directly to a splice line, webbing, quicklink or shackle.


Ronstan carabiners are made from 316 stainless steel, load rated and are available with a thread-locking gate or spring loaded gate, there are various sizes and load ratings available.

Our carabiners are extensively used in specific rope-intensive activities such as rock climbing, tree surgery, sailing, caving, activities requiring rope work and rescue, industrial rope work, general safety for fall protection and window cleaning (retaining ropes).

Eye Bolts are used as attachment points for wire cables, wire rope, or plain rope to third party objects.Eye Bolts

Ronstan eye bolts (316 grade Stainless Steel) are generally used as attachment points for wire cables, wire rope, webbing or plain rope to third party objects, the top part of the eye bolt is made from a welded loop (Stronger than a “bent eye” bolt) the eye leads to a stainless steel rod with a machined threads at the end of the rod.

Eye bolts are invariably bolted to an object with the loop being used as an attachment for different applications in a number of different industries from diving to marine, to trucking and fitness equipment. In essence anywhere that requires the ability to secure a load or where a tie down is required.

Clevis Pin

Clevis pins are similar to a bolt, but only partially threaded or alternatively unthreaded with a cross-hole for a Split pin.

Typical uses for Clevis pins are in farming equipment, sailboat rigging, as well as the automotive, aircraft and construction industries.

There are two main types of clevis pins:

  1. Threaded – Threaded clevis pins have a partially threaded shank on one end and a formed head on the other.
  2. Unthreaded – Unthreaded clevis pins have a domed head at one end and a cross-hole at the other end. A cotter pin (USA usage) or split pin is used to keep the clevis pin in place.

Ronstan also manufacture high specification ThimblesThimbles, Ferrules, & Wire Rope Grips

Ronstan also manufacture high specification Thimbles, Ferrules, & Wire Rope Grips

Welded rings

Ronstan 316 stainless steel welded rings are load rated and primarily used as attachment points to rope, wire, webbing, chain, swivels or other attachment elements.

Welded rings are generally used in marine and industrial rigging.

Ronstan welded rings are available in 5 sizes as round rings and 1 size as a d-ring designed specifically for 2” webbing.

Enables the 2 connected objects to swivel independently ensuring they do not get tangled up.Swivels & Ball Bearing Swivels

A swivel is a connection that enables the 2 connected objects to swivel independently ensuring they do not get tangled up. Either end of the swivel is generally connected to a wire rope, cable, chain, rope, webbing, thimble or wire attachments. Typical applications for swivels (where twist must be avoided) are Industrial rigging, marine, chain and fiber-rope rigging.

Ronstan swivels are available with eye or jaw attachments and with either ball bearings or non-ball bearings. The provision of ball bearings enable swivels to rotate with less friction and they can thus handle higher loads.

All Ronstan swivels are made of 316 grade stainless steel and are load rated.

Eye straps

Eye straps as they are most commonly known are also called saddles, rope guides, simple tie-downs, eye beckets or pad eyes.

Ronstan eye-straps are 316 stainless steel attachment points and are used to provide a fixed attachment when attached to a variety of surfaces and are commonly used to attach rope, thimbles, wire, shackles, chain, s-hooks or other rigging materials.

Eye straps are commonly used in marine, diving, fitness equipment and trucking or anywhere that securing loads is required.

Ronstan eye straps are available as narrow, flared top, and/or with an installed ferrule eye and are available in a variety of sizes.

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