Smartphone Wind Meters – A Comparison

Smartphone Wind Meters – A Comparison

Smartphone Wind Meters are the innovative new invention, born out of a Kickstarter campaign, that are changing the world for sailors, surfers, and any other sea loving folk. When new tech comes on the market, it can be difficult to know which brand to go for. In this article we will look at two different options for this particular device, which turns your smart phone into a high-tech meteorological tool.

Straight from Copenhagen: theVaavud Smartphone Wind Meter. There are actually two different types on the market at the moment. The Mjolner and the Sleipnir. The Mjolner enables the user to take accurate wind readings via the smartphone, through the Vaavud App. It makes 40,000 measurements per second thanks to a built in sensor that speaks to the app, same as the Sleipnir. Not only do both models pick up the speed of the wind, but its direction too.

The main difference between the two is the design. The Mjolnir looks like the traditional cup anemometer however this design only has two cups. This means it is much easier to keep handy in the pocket of your jacket. This design is particularly robust as it is free of electronic components, using magnets instead. The Sleipnir takes inspiration from the traditional cup model, but also from the Danish developed turbine model that has blades. It is more compact than its predecessor.

The particularly clever part of the Vaavud systems is that the app can store a history of readings taken, and also map them. This map can then be shared with others nearby meaning all users of the sea can get an accurate picture of what is going on especially if readings are taken from several points.

Weatherflow also has two models of wind meters on offer; the WindMeter and the WeatherMeter. As the name suggests, the WindMeter has more basic functionality than the WeatherMeter. The WeatherMeter can also measure temperature and relative humidity, pressure and dew point, heat index and wind chill. Both are powered by the WeatherFlow Wind Meter app which is free to download.

For simplicity, usability, and a product that has been extensively tried and tested, either of the Vaavud offerings are a great way to go. We have compiled a table to compare the two below for you to make your own decision, however Vaavud was the first of its kind, and as a Kickstarter campaign was backed by many. ThereforeVaavud is the safer bet of the two.

Make Model Price Pros Cons Reviews
Vaavud Mjolner $54.45
  • durable plastic rotor
  • low friction teflon
  • revolutionary electronic free method
  • works near to phone and plugged in
  • Free App
  • Connect to weendy, weather network app
  • risk of phone getting wet
  • may get broken in pocket
  • uncertain whether works with all smart phones
  • relies on crowdsourcing data, takes time to build up
4 star Yachting World
Vaavud Sleipnir $84.98 All above plus:

  • higher spec
  • more robust
Same as above. 5 star Amazon
Weatherflow WindMeter $39.95
  • small, durable & lightweight
  • rubber outer case
  • free app
  • ability to share data
  • only takes measurement at 30 second intervals
  • app known to have had bug issues
  • device does not swivel
  • in app advertising
  • complex set up
  • doesn’t float and not waterproof
4 star Amazon
Weatherflow WeatherMeter $79.95 All above plus:

  • more functionality
  • more detailed data
  • 3 to 60 second measurement intervals
  • customisable data
  • ability to share to dropbox or pdf data
Same as above. 3.5 star Google Play

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