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Snap Shakle RF6200

Stainless Steel Rigging Fittings, Fixed bail – RF6200

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Medium fixed bail snap shackle

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All stainless steel snap shackle for high load and excellent corrosion resistance.

Ronstan Industrial Snap Shackles are manufactured using investment cast 15-5 PH stainless steel body and hasp and Grade 316 plunger for a high strength-to-weight ratio. The choice of investment casing the components for all Ronstan Snap Shackles created a light shackle with exceptional strength and durability. All components of the shackle are stainless steel event he spring which allows for use under the harshest of conditions.
There are two basic categories of snap shackle, fixed bail and swivel bail. The bail is the non opening loop on the snap shackle. The trunnion refer to the opening hook of the snap shackle, some have fixed trunnions others have swiveling.
The casting is finished by polishing to resist any corrosion, black metal oxide finish is available on request. Pull pins have heavy-duty springs to resist accidental opening. Replacement pins and springs are available.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty plunger springs with precision components ensure dependable service
  • The body of the shackle is designed to easily clear lines and attachment points when open
  • Investment casting creates a high breaking load in a light fitting
  • Split ring on the plunger is spot welded to prevent accidental dismantling
  • A lanyard can be attached to the plunger pin for easy opening

Ronstan Snap Shackles are designed for continued use in the harshest of environments with little maintenance. The shackles have found uses in marine, industrial and military applications.


The RF6200 is a medium fixed bail stainless steel snap shackle with a breaking load of 4,840 lbs. and weighs in at 3.5 oz. This item is available in a polished finish or black oxide.

A : 13/32”
B : 3/4”
C : 3 11/32”
M.W.L. : 2,420 lbs.
B. L. : 4,840 lbs.
Weight : 3.5 oz.

  • Grade 15-5PH investment cast stainless steel body and hasp
  • Grade 316 stainless steel plunger pin and spring
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