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Blocks & Pulleys, Block & Tackle, 4:1 Purchase – RK12-435NC

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Ronstan industrial rope block and tackle systems are manufactured using the highest quality pulleys and rope. The sires 50 All Purpose block maximize the load handling while reducing the friction under load. This is achieved using self-lubricating Acetal polymer sheaves running on polished stainless steel races. This configuration makes the pulley ideal for block and tackle use as the system can handle dynamic loads or static loads for extended periods of time. Both pulley arrangements feature Ronstan’s “Captive Lock” universal head which allows the swivel to be locked avoiding any twisting of the pulley heads when in use. One pulley assembly includes a multi position cam lock allowing for easy locking of the load in place.

Each pulley block  uses a stainless steel snap shackle for easy install and removal of the block and tackle in any situation. The RF6170 has a spring loaded pin making attachment easy with one hand.

The 10mm multi-braid rope has a soft polyester outer cover improving grip and a polyester core makes it strong and pliable in the pulleys.

Rope block and tackle systems by Ronstan can be made to order for higher volumes


Sheave Ø : 50 mm - 2"
Rope Ø : 10 mm - 3/8"
Rope Length : 10.5 m - 34.5 ft
Max. Block to Block Dist. : 2.6m - 8 1/2 ft
M.W.L. : 565 kg - 1,245lbs.
B. L. : 1135 kg - 2500lbs.
Weight : 1280 g

  • U.V. stabilised Acetal sheaves
  • Impact modified, fibrereinforce and U.V. stabilised Nylon cheeks
  • Grade 316 stainless steel bearing race, load straps and head fittings
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