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RF35109HL Lashing Block

RF35109HL Series 30 High Load Lashing Block

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Series 30 High Load Core Blocks are designed to high loads with minimal friction. This pulley features a stainless steel sheave with stainless steel bearings making it a robust option for many applications

  • Lightweight construction without sacrificing strength.
  • Ultra-High load rating.
  • Low profile and compact.
  • Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling.
  • Low friction ball bearing system provides consistent performance over the full working load range.
  • Central hub hole can be used as a becket take-off or tie-up point.

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The RF35109HL can handle a maximum line size of 5/16″(8mm) and is rated to 550kgs 1,210lbs (550kg.) Maximum Working Load and 3,630lbs (1,650kg) Breaking Load. The Breaking Load is dependent on the strength of the lashing through the central hub. The hub can also double as a becket take off point for multi purchase systems.

Such a high load rating is unique for a block of this size. At just 42 grams (1.5oz) its impressive strength-to-weight ratio is a result of clever design and the selection of the right materials, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon cheeks, a high-grade stainless-steel sheave, ball race and balls.

Perfectly matched to todays high strength fiber ropes this pulley is the perfect solution for a number of application from entertainment venues to home projects.


  • Large Static loads (non-moving and holding)
  • Large Dynamic loads (moving and variable)
  • Block and Tackle Systems
  • Lifting, hoisting and holding items aloft

Sheave Ø : 1 3/16” (30 mm)
Max. Rope Ø : 5/16” (8 mm)
Pin Ø : 5/32” (4.0 mm)
M.W.L. : 1,210lbs. (550 kg)
B. L. : 3,630lbs. (1,650kg)
Weight : 1.5oz. (42 g)

  • Sheave: Grade 2205 stainless steel
  • Ball bearings: Grade 316 stainless steel
  • Frame / cheeks: Toughened glass fiber reinforced nylon
  • Uses Dyneema™ soft attachment shackle
  • Hub: Grade 316 stainless steel
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