Sheaves and Acetal Ball Bearings

Sheaves made from only best and most appropriate materials.We manufacture a wide range of sheaves made from only best and most appropriate materials.

Our Sheaves and bearings can be segmented as follows:

Ratchet Sheaves – Significant holding power

  1. Our Patented extruded hole design, in conjunction with the groove profile of the sheave, provides a more powerful grip than conventional designs – up to 25:1 holding power (100mm, 4″ size). The anodised alloy sheave ensures maximum durability and strength-to-weight.

Ball Bearing Rope Sheaves – Low friction/high performance

  1. RF109000-smTAcetal sheave with Acetal ball bearings – efficient, lightweight all plastic sheave assemblies with ball bearings to take axial and thrust loads. Totally corrosion proof.
  2. Alloy sheave with Torlon® ball bearings – oversize Torlon® ball bearings minimize friction and provide superior rolling performance. The narrow anodized alloy sheave is ideally suited to small diameter modern fibre control lines.
  3. Alloy sheave with Torlon® rollers and Acetal ball bearings – the ultimate high load, low friction sheave package. Torlon® needle rollers provide extremely high axial load performance and Acetal ball bearings counter thrust loads. Available in self contained and ‘hubless’ models. Alloy sheave and components are hard anodized for corrosion resistance and durability.
  4. Acetal, Acetal Ball Bearing Alloy, Torlon® Ball Bearing Alloy, Torlon® Rollers & Acetal Ball Bearing Ball Bearing Rope Sheaves

Plain bearing rope sheaves – The “all round solution”

  1. Sheave-Acetal-Ball-Bearing-smAcetal – the fundamental moulded sheave material with excellent U.V. and dimensional stability combined with the proven self-lubricating properties of Acetal.
  2. Glass reinforced Nylon sheave – the durability of Nylon, reinforced with glass fibres for enhanced strength, mechanical strength and impact resistance
  3. Acetal sheave with Oilite® bearing – reliable moulded Acetal sheaves with an oil impregnated sintered bronze bearing for high load performance.
  4. Acetal Glass Reinforced Nylon Acetal, Olite Bearing Plain Bearing Rope Sheaves

Plain bearing – wire or rope sheaves – strength & abrasion resistance

  1. Nylatron® – A partially cross-linked polyamide (Nylon) compound, modified with MoS2 for lubrication to enhance free running and minimize line wear.
  2. Aluminium sheave with Oilite® bearing – light but strong and durable aluminium sheaves with an oil impregnated sintered bronze bearing for high load performance.
  3. Brass – durable marine grade brass, chrome plated for corrosion resistance and appearance. Dissimilar metal properties ensure free running on stainless steel shaft bolts.

 Sheave-Acetal-Oilite-Bearing-smSheave Materials

  1. Acetal ball bearing sheaves
    Our Precision moulded Acetal sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon® ball bearings provide high performance & low friction. These U.V. resistant acetal sheaves operate with Minimum friction under moderate loads
  2. Ronstan Acetal oilite bearing sheaves
    These feature self lubricating Oilite Bronze bearings for greater load capacity and long life. Oilite bearings are produced from oil-impregnated high strength Bronze, which ensures that the surface is always lubricated.
  3. Ronstan Nylatron sheaves
    Made from a unique plastic material which is suitable for use with wire. Nylatron® is a cast, partially cross-linked polyamide compound which has been modified with a MoS2 filler. It has excellent wear resistance, self lubrication and low friction properties.
  4. Ronstan Nylon sheaves
    Made with glass reinforcement for greater strength and abrasion resistance. These sheaves are used for high load applications.

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