Rope, Bungee, Shockcord, Straps & Slings

Rope, Bungee, Shockcord, Straps & Slings
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The rope we specify and sell  complements the other Industrial products available in our rangeRonstan has a rope range, acting as the exclusive distributor of FSE-Robline. The rope we specify and sell  complements the other Industrial products available in our range. They are all braided ropes with the principal component being Spectra or Dyneema.

Some examples of where you can readily find FSE-Robline and other rope accessories are:

  • Department of Defense depend on the strength and durability of our ropes
  • Action Sports industries (climbing, skiing wakeboarding etc)
  • The America’s Cup Sailboats – The most techonologically demanding and perfection seeking boats in the sport of sailing.
  • blokc-ropeThe Entertainment and Stunting industry utilise our products.
  • Commercial Trucking for truck ropes and tow rope..

The ingredient material of most of the rope that we sell is Spectra or Dyneema. They are both a  UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) fibre – and are extremely lightweight.

Their core advantages are:

  1. Strength: The are generally up to 15 times stronger than steel wire – on a weight for weight basis
  2. Weight: They are up to 8 times lighter than steel wire. and with a low specific gravity they float on water
  3. Water resistant: The are is hydrophobic – thus they do not absorb water, and remains light when working in wet conditions
  4. yellow-ropeUV Resistant: Finally they are UV resistant to photo degradation, maintaining performance when exposed to UV light


Ropes of this nature are the rope of choice for all serious yacht racers and in industrial applications – they are replacing steel wire in many applications:

  1. 4×4 market for winching
  2. Rope Climbing and rappelling
  3. Tree climbing and felling safety rope
  4. The roadside recovery market for winching and towing
  5. Film & Theatre Rigging
  6. CLR_Shockcord-72Industrial & Utility
  7. Defence – Personnel Insertion / Extraction
  8. Defence – Towing / Recovery

Ronstan also market and sell a range of :

  1. Webbing Straps and slings
  2. Shockcord/ Bungee (bungy) cord (also called shockcord or Elasticcord)

Some accessories we have developed to complement our industrial rope offering are:

  1. Constrictor Rope Clutches, the load strength and lack of slippage provided by the constrictor has proven to be a massive advantage in any high load bearing environment.
  2. Tie-Balls: We offer tie-balls rope ready in many different colors and sizes depending on the consumer’s need.

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Ronstan’s end-to-end design, manufacture and distribution operation delivers high specification products for all serious hardware applications.

Our state-of-the-art design facilities and manufacturing plant handles more than 4.9 million units each year.

As one of the top three sailboat hardware brands globally we know what it is like to deliver great equipment that can handle challenging conditions.
Ronstan Industrial design, manufacture and distribute industrial strength stainless steel hardware and architectural rigging products
45 High Point Avenue, #2 Portsmouth
Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871
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