Rope Cleats & Other Rope Accessories

Ronstan offers a huge range of Guide Cam cleats, rope cleats & other rope accessories, all used in a range of industrial applications:

Cam Cleats

Intensive development efforts have resulted in our high performance range of cleats, these provide unbeatable holding power while allowing easy cleating and releasing of rope lines. Through the use of advanced composites, these cleats achieve superior performance while overcoming the limitations of metal alloys.
Ronstan Cam Cleats and T Cleats are strong, light and corrosion free.  Carbon fiber composite cam material provides maximum resistance to heat and abrasion. Unique self-cleaning, self-lubricating slotted bearings ensure consistent high performance even when subjected to high static loads.

Swivel Cleat Bases

Our swivel cleat bases enable easy rope cleating and releasing from any angle. The RF60 range includes adjustable stops to limit rotation, (which can be removed).

Cleating plates are heavy gauge alloy for stiffness and minimum distortion under load. Deadeyes have flared stainless steel liners for minimum wire rope wear and long service life.


Horn Cleats

Made with a moulded nylon suitable for securing fibrous rope. Our selection is made to suit rope diameters up to 1/2”.


Our V-Cleats are a simple low profile, snag free solution to secure fibrous rope under moderate loads.

We also offer pressure moulded V-Cleats manufactured from a Teflon® impregnated composite material containing carbon fiber, lightweight and corrosion proof they offer unbeatable abrasion resistance.

RF1315BLURope Stoppers/Tie Balls

Our Rope Stoppers also known as tie-balls are a convenient way to terminate fibrous rope while also providing a textured grip for pulling. They have a recess in the backside of the ball to contain a stop knot.

These are available in various sizes and colors for quick identification.

Dead Eyes & Rope Fairleads

These are simple means of containing, deflecting or correcting the lead angle of fibrous rope. These are available in a number of styles and sizes to suit different rope diameters. Dead eyes with Stainless Steel liners also provide greater abrasion resistance.

About Us

Ronstan’s end-to-end design, manufacture and distribution operation delivers high specification products for all serious hardware applications.

Our state-of-the-art design facilities and manufacturing plant handles more than 4.9 million units each year.

As one of the top three sailboat hardware brands globally we know what it is like to deliver great equipment that can handle challenging conditions.

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Ronstan International Inc
45 High Point Avenue, #2 Portsmouth
Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871
+1 (401) 293 0539