How Ronstan helps provide shade structures where you need it……

How Ronstan helps provide shade structures where you need it……
Stainless steel hardware used by Shade Haven to provide portable shade structures. Quality, high strength components, used across many industries.

Shade Structures

Shade Haven provide portable shade structures. The 40-foot wide shade cloth provides 1,200 square feet of shade that can be set up or put away in minutes.

Shade Haven was originally developed to provide movable shade for cattle and can now be found throughout the US on grazing dairy and beef farms and other diversified livestock farms. Founded in 2012 the products are now being used in 18 states and 3 countries in applications from rotational grazing systems to trade shows and music festivals.

One of the key components of each shade is the Ronstan Industrial track and roller

which is used in combination with ropes and pulleys to tighten the shade canopy frame. Click here for a demonstration.

It’s yet another demonstration of how Ronstan Industrial products are being successfully used in high quality industrial products.

Their success is shown by their extensive testimonials.


About Us

Ronstan’s end-to-end design, manufacture and distribution operation delivers high specification products for all serious hardware applications.

Our state-of-the-art design facilities and manufacturing plant handles more than 4.9 million units each year.

As one of the top three sailboat hardware brands globally we know what it is like to deliver great equipment that can handle challenging conditions.
Ronstan Industrial design, manufacture and distribute industrial strength stainless steel hardware and architectural rigging products
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