Rail, Car, Ball Bearing Track, Traveller, Trolley Systems

track-traveller-carRonstan’s Rail, Car, Track, Traveller, Trolley Systems can be segmented into several key areas

I-Beam: (Barn Door Tracks)

Black anodized aluminium track and stainless steel trolleys are ideal for use in chemical plants and in areas where corrosion resistance is a high priority.

They are used to build light duty I-beam track and trolley systems.

The track mounts on ceilings, beams, and floors, the track systems require little skill to join them, just butt them together – no connectors are needed.

Mounting holes have plastic inserts for a better grip and are spaced 100 mm (3 15/16”) center-to-center. Track pin stops are sold separately but are used at the ends of track to prevent trolleys form sliding off.

With our I-Beam systems you will have everything you need to mount a barn or sliding door.

The entire system is made to efficiently manage your barn door tracks, garage door tracks and other sliding door applications.

Ball Bearing Track/Traveller Systems:

Our traveller systems are made from the highest spec materials appropriate to the utilisation, our systems have been put to the test in a multitude of applications which demand the highest performance and dependability.

We offer:

  • Torlon® ball bearings – Twin rows of recirculating Torlon® ball bearings – these allow for the smooth adjustment of lead position under load.
  • Traveller system control ends with allied to our high performance Torlon® ball bearing sheaves are used with lead systems to enable easy adjustment of car load, even when under pressure

Our standard low profile track has been fitted with stop holes enabling cars fitted with plunger stops to have fixed locations

In addition (subject to spec) our high profile and beam track can be used in instances where the span is unsupported.

Stainless Steel C-Track:

Our Stainless steel C-Track systems include spring-loaded plungers which allow fast, positive positioning of track slides and stops

car-track-systems-sketchT-Track & Slides:

Our T-Tracks and Slides are a great blend of performance and functionality yet in a simple, efficient package.

The composite slide bodies with plunger stops run on anodized aluminium track, and allow quick and easy manual adjustment. The ergonomic plunger stop toggle combined with low friction of the car body allows for easy adjustment.

The T-Track is a simple, reliable system that is low profile and light weight

  • Composite slide has removable attachment pin to suit either a Dyneema® Link or a shackle.
  • Composite slides have a spring-loaded toggle plunger stop for fast, positive positioning.
  • Stand-up blocks on composite slides provide optimum alignment and low profile lead.
  • Toughened, glass fibre reinforced Nylon slide.
  • Anodized aluminium alloy track.

traveller-carsBall Bearing Car Systems:

Our ball bearing cars are rugged and durable, the cars run on twin races of high compression strength ball bearings which are allied to precision machined alloy end caps.

In our traditional Ball Bearing car range we have designed for the balls to run in the lateral grooves of the track thus providing good all-around efficiency.

Our Captive Ball cars use low-friction slide rods which provide extra strength for high static loads the captive ball bearings run on the face of the track that takes the compression loads.

Ball joint articulation – we are also able to offer a stainless steel ball joint link between the car and door – this provides movement in all directions with a minimum of 105 degrees (112 degrees for Ball Bearing cars) either side of center.

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