Block, Tackle, Pulley & Hoist Systems

RF30100 Blocks (Pulleys) are one of Ronstans major product lines, we specialise in

Our Block and Tackle / Pulley systems incorporate:

  1. Lifting Blocks
  2. Cable Pulley Systems (steel/wire or rope)
  3. Hoisting Systems
  4. Various Purchase Systems
  5. Heavy duty Steel Pulley Ranges

We also have a number of components that fit into our Block and Pulley Systems, namely:

  1. Sheaves
  2. We have a range of Block Tackle systems from small tackle selections to large custom blocks and tackle for construction projects including rigging.Snatchblocks
  3. Rope Pulleys
  4. Rope Blocks

Our Pulley systems have various applications:

  1. Any application that requires hoisting either using a rope hoist or using wire. (shipping etc)
  2. The movement of material via lifting hoists (Construction)
  3. Hoisting that requires a range of ratios

The sheaves (Wheels) on our pulley blocks are constructed of both Acetal and Stainless Steel, these enables our block and tackle systems to cater for both wire and rope.

We have a range of Block and Tackle systems from small tackle selections to large custom blocks and tackle for extensive construction projects including rigging.

About Us

Ronstan’s end-to-end design, manufacture and distribution operation delivers high specification products for all serious hardware applications.

Our state-of-the-art design facilities and manufacturing plant handles more than 4.9 million units each year.

As one of the top three sailboat hardware brands globally we know what it is like to deliver great equipment that can handle challenging conditions.
Ronstan Industrial design, manufacture and distribute industrial strength stainless steel hardware and architectural rigging products
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