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Ronstan capabilities for the industrial sector

As a manufacturer and distributor of high quality Architectural and Marine products, Ronstan also services many niche Industrial markets. We have capability to offer a range of specialist services, whether it be design and manufacture of an individual component or a completed product with myriad components.

We have capability for large production runs, as well as a speciality to facilitate short production runs in difficult materials, such as stainless steels, aluminium, brass and high strength engineering polymers.

Company Overview

Ronstan’s heritage is from Melbourne, Australia. Today, Ronstan is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of sailboat hardware, rigging components, winches, sailing wear and accessories. Ronstan exports to in excess of 65 countries and is supported by a network of staff and distributors across the globe.

We have manufacturing facilities in Vejle in Denmark, Batam in Indonesia and from head office in Melbourne, Australia.

We offer a full range of products including pulley blocks, sheaves, travellers, furlers, rope cleats, stainless steel cables, rigging, rods and stainless fittings, winches and much more. 

We have a fully integrated inhouse design, engineering, production team, complemented with sales, marketing, financial and administrative services.

Core manufacturing Competencies


Ronstan excels in the machining, primarily turning, of Aluminium, Brass and Stainless-Steel components. We offer the normal capabilities that can be expected from a company possessing an array of multi axis CNC machinery.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Ronstan is able to call on a long history of moulding a wide range of highly reinforced (up to 60% in long strand glass and carbon fibre) and unfilled Engineering Polymers. Ranging from Acetal, PEI, Nylon, Thermoplastic rubbers, ABS, Polyurethane and PBT.

Pressing, Welding, Rigging

We provide solutions in metal pressing, stamping, welding, repetition fabrication, polishing and finishing component manufacturing


Ronstan is renowned for our quality production facilities which includes efficient assembly processes. Ronstan incorporates on excess of approximately 10,000 components with within our extensive product range

Ronstan is able to offer a range of assembly options to compliment the wide range of component manufacturing processes that are employed.

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We invite you to review our product range and then to contact us with your specific enquiry. We will aim to assess your requirement and coordinate the supply of quality products within appropriate lead times.