How Do Smartphone Wind Meters Work?

How Do Smartphone Wind Meters Work?

vav-1r_lifestyle1With the rise of Smartphone devices it should be no surprise that plug in anemometers  or wind meters have been developed. For the outdoor enthusiast who is engaging in hobbies which are dependent on the wind these little tools are prized possessions. It’s easy to see how valuable this device is if you are hang gliding, flying model aircraft, sailing, wind surfing or even base jumping. This device could also be useful for people who need to work at height.


The devices are tiny and like your phone can be easily put in your bag or pocket. Using the devices is simple. You will need to download an app to your phone, plug in the anemometer device to the headphone jack and away you go. You will probably have a range of measurement options to select from. So far none of the devices appear to yet have the means of storing the wind data. I can’t imagine this is though a major drawback – after all if you want a weather forecast you can find plenty of those online already. The brand Vaavud have a map link which enables you to see where else someone is using a Vaavud – maybe useful for Vaavud Marketing but I remain unconvinced why as an end user you would want to know.


So, how do these gadgets work. The Vaavud boasts no digital components required…… Well, amazingly it is through magnets. There are magnets at the bottom of the anemometer cups which communicate with the smart device , which translate the magnetic data into wind speed information with an algorithm. Because there are no electronic parts the anemometer doesn’t actually need to even be plugged into the Smartphone. Plugging it in just means you are far more likely to have it in the right position for the best reading and in any case it needs to be within a few inches of the device.


These plug in wind meters are a great new gadget. They are sufficiently accurate for leisure pursuits and are priced to be accessible to everyone.

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