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Definitions and Customer Considerations

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Maximum Working Load (M.W.L.) is the maximum static and/or dynamic load at which the product will still function without excessive friction, distortion, wear or permanent deformation of components. Above this load, bearing systems may fail, moving parts may seize and stainless steel or plastic components may begin to bend, stretch or otherwise deform. Maximum working loads should never exceed half of the breaking load and should never be exceeded in use.


Breaking Load (B.L.) is the load at, or around which, a major failure can be expected to occur to some part of the product's structure when new. Plastic components may split, rivets may give way, shackles may break, and other metallic components may fracture. Stated values for Breaking Load refer to a test load situation representative of a product’s typical use and applications. Load situation and circumstances of actual use may vary, affecting the load at which a major failure may occur. No product should be used at more than half of the stated Breaking Load, so as to provide a minimum safety factor of two (2).