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Rope Stoppers and Parrel Beads

A parrel is a loop, typically made of rope or wire, that can be wrapped around an object to help it be hoisted, lowered, or moved. To avoid chafing, friction, and excess wear, the parrels are sometimes lined with plastic parrel beads which act as roller bearings to help the loop slide along the surface of the object it is attached to. Read the rest

Stainless Steel Rigging Thimbles

Rigging thimbles are entirely different than the sewing thimbles you might be familiar with, and they serve an entirely different purpose. This type of thimble is available in several materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and strong plastics like acetal. In this article we will focus on stainless steel thimbles are they are some of the most effective and most common. Read the rest

How Pulleys Changed the World

While the exact origins of the pulley system are not known, it is believed that by 1500 BC some of the first pulley systems were being utilized for hoisting water in Mesopotamia. Although modern technology and pulley systems have changed dramatically, the unmistakable value of a pulley system remains unchanged. Read the rest

Braided rope – what is it?

The construction method of any rope, braided or twisted, can tell us a lot about its performance and utility. The rope’s shape, strength, and general characteristics can all be impacted by the construction of the rope. Read the rest