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Founded in 1953 in Melbourne, Ronstan International is a world-leading manufacturer of sailboat hardware and rigging components. Over the years, Ronstan has produced top-end and innovative hardware designed to satisfy the extreme demands of marine racing conditions, and along the way, has helped lead the charge in a number of technical breakthroughs that have helped keep Ronstan and its products on top.

While our original focus may have been centered on the marine industry, as architectural fashions have changed Ronstan realized that our products could be used in a wealth of applications, including products and equipment in the shading, fitness, and medical industries. From this realization, Ronstan Industrial was born!

Ronstan Industrial Products

Located in Rhode Island, Ronstan Industrial takes all of the technical expertise and emphasis on quality that Ronstan International is famous for and injects it into delivering the highest quality industrial strength hardware. Our products include:

  1. Block and tackle rigging
  2. Rope and pulley systems
  3. Hoist Systems
  4. Stainless steel rigging hardware
  5. Rail, car, track, traveller, & trolley systems
  6. Rope cleats & accessories
  7. Aluminium alloy, nylatron, acetal sheaves and bearings
  8. Snap Shackles
  9. And more!

Internationally, Ronstan is one of the top global hardware brands and has established offices and warehouses in the US and Denmark, with Australia housing our primary manufacturing plant and state-of-the-art design facilities that deliver more than 4.9 million units per year.

Ronstan Industrial Products

Our products are currently used in a number of industries and can be found in anything from commercial gym equipment to veterinary equipment to the telecommunication industry to the building of shade systems. As Ronstan continues to grow and evolve, we’ll remain committed to the continued excellence and innovation of our products, our people, our relationships, our industry, and we’ll keep doing business with the same mentality we use in sailing: a heartfelt passion with a serious competitive streak.

Ronstan International Inc.

Ronstan International Inc.
45 Highpoint Ave, #2
RI 02871

Tel: 1 401 293 0539
Fax: 1 401 293 0538
Email: office@ronstan.us

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Ronstan International Inc
45 High Point Avenue, #2 Portsmouth
Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871
+1 (401) 293 0539 $$$
Ronstan International Inc
45 High Point Avenue, #2 Portsmouth
Portsmouth Rhode Island 02871
+1 (401) 293 0539 office@ronstan.us